Passive Bag (Bag for Fruit)

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Passive Bag (Bag for Fruit)

Fresh for Vegetables and fruits with Active Packaging
offers the following attributes:

FVF (Fresh for Vegetables and fruits) that controls level of gases transmission through the package and leave the gases inside the package at the level that could create equilibrium stage. At this stage, fruits and vegetables inside the package would lessen their respirations to a level that could extend their life and freshness while do not generate any perishable and maintain their flavor.

Fresh for Vegetables and fruits (FVF)

Nowadays, globalization has increased the demand of fresh fruits and vegetables Dramatically. However, transporting fresh produces throughout the world still Impede the growth of the industry. A significant development in the packaging technology is Active Packaging That has the ability to create a "Modified Atmosphere" inside the package.


Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) can reduce respiration rate, loss of moisture production of metabolic heat, yellowing, browning, decay and sensitivity of ethylene. The goal of MAP for fresh produce is to create an equilibrium atmosphere with right Percentage of O2 and CO2 at the level most suitable and beneficial to the produce. This is accomplished through the balance of several variables that affect Package atmosphere.


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