PP ( Polypropylene )

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PP ( Polypropylene )

PP, IPP offers the following attributes:

High transparency Better Moisture Barrier Clearer and Stronger, No stress-cracking problems , Good electrical and chemical resistance at high temperature Lower density and flexibility compared to those of PE , Higher rigidity and toughness compared to those of PE.

High heat resistance  High image quality for printing , Melting point temperatures are 180 OC - 220 OC , Gas-permeability protected  Exceptional toughness and clarity , Odorless, safe for storing food and medicine.


PP is suitable for containing hot-items or using as displaying item PP envelope is enclosable with glue or in roll and sheet, industrial bags As CD, stationary, Garment, accessories, hanger bag, food container etc.

Type of bags:

Bag , Sheet , Roll , Hot-item bag , Industrial bag , Food and clothes bag , Bag with adhesive tape , Garment bag ,  Boutique bag  , Advertising bag with printing design.


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