HDPE ( High Density Polyethylene )

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HDPE ( High Density Polyethylene )

HDPE offers the following attributes:

Low moister absorption Opaque, Smooth and glossy High tensile strength and Extremely light in weight, Excellent impact resistance and durability, Best Dimensional , stability and excellent weld strength, Odorless, safe for storing Food and medicine. Ability to blow as thin film due to its high density, 
 Excellent seal ability through contamination Melting point temperature are 160 °C - 230 °C.


HDPE is suitable to use as industrial bag and roll shopping bags with various colors, Printed Advertising bag, retail bags (T-Shirt),Garbage bags, Sheets used to cover electrical appliances, etc. 

Type of bags:

Bag ,sheet , Roll , Big bag , Mattress bag , Food bag  , Industrial bag , Laundry  , Gusseted bag , square bag  , Garbage bag (colors and black) , Mulch film ,  Advertising bag with printing design , Soft loop handles , Hanger Bag ,  T-shirt Bag , Boutique Bag , Shopping bag , Plastic sheet for Agriculture (Green House) , Plastic sheet for cover the mushroom , Chicken's house .


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