LLDPE Stretch, Cling Film

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LLDPE Stretch, Cling Film

LLDPE Stretch Film, Cling film 
offers the following attributes:

Stretch Film is used as a pallet wrap to secure boxes on a pallet during shipment. Stretch wrap can be used to bundle products together for shipping purposes. The elasticity of the film holds the load tight.

A clear and strong film can be stretched up to 300% for pallet wrapping before transportation or storage to protect goods from dust and moisture. Available various sizes in both hand rolls and machine rolls.

Puncture resistant wraps around sharp edges without tear in.Strength, protection, reliability, economy and versatility. Stretch wrapping keeps loads clean and dry. Stretch wrapping keeps your material cost low.

Cling film

An ideal plastic wrap should meet the user expectations. It is suitable for food contact and has the right tensile strength. Easy to pull out of the box and easily separated by the cutter.

Close to total transparency with no haze, film wrinkles, tension marks, un-even thickness, or gel. High tensile strength and puncture resistant so that the film will not easily break apart. This is difficult to achieve, as plastic wrap is only 14 to 21 microns thick.


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