Shrink Film PVC PE , Polyolefin, Lable, Cap Seal

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Shrink Film PVC PE , Polyolefin, Lable, Cap Seal

Shrink Film offers the following attributes:

An ideal plastic wrap should meet the user expectations. Shrink labels are amongst the most advanced and versatile form of labeling the world over. High quality of heat shrink labels which are graced with brilliant colors and fine printing are suitable for all kinds of packing.

Proud of multiple features, these can enhance the appearance and increase the value of the packed products, and can also resist dampness, dust. Other materials are also used, such as polyester, glycol-Modified polyester, and oriented polystyrene. OPS have been made with higher shrink ratios and hence are selected for making the labels. Shrink labels are made from 30, 40 micron and 50 micron film, with 50 Micron being the dominant thickness.


Shrink labels provide maximum opacity, whiteness and gloss coupled with the ability to run at high speed on the hot melt adhesive. Shrink labels can provide a great advantage that any bottles can be used to variously contain a different product and in different shapes.

Shrink labels can be shrink on to most contours of varied container substrates including Glass/ PET/ Plastic Bottles. Shrink labels are specifically cost-effective.

Cap seal are used primarily for tamper-evident protection. Once that seal is broken, it cannot be put back in place, Thus adding to consumer confidence. Cap seal are available in wide range of lay flat sizes and in any length.


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