Production Process  
The production is starting with select the raw materials which are depending on the purpose of use,
and the quantity of requirement.  Mixed the proper ratios then pass the material into the dryer and
through the blowing machine.
Blowing Machine will cast polymers by heating the template board. The temperature is 300-500
degrees Fahrenheit. The molten plastic extrude through a template with the pressure of 500-600 psi.
Then blow air into the air box curve out to the desired plastic dimension.
The Workpieces can be characterized as a large plastic tube and passed through rollers then flatten.
The air inside for fixed quantity by maintains size as the original setting. At the end of this process
the productions will come out in the roll and waiting for the next process.
PP Bag, This process is transparent for Plastic polypropylene which has higher melting polymers.
The special process is added by through the cooling water in order to make more beautiful clear
than other materials. Printing process, after prepare the mold as desired then print the design on
the plastic roll which is prepared.
The last process is made by cutting the size and length or punching the bag as required.
The final steps the production will packing ready distribute.



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