Laminate , Vacuum , Foil (pouch)

By combining different films of various properties, one can have a plastic bag made of Multi layer of film
(Alu, PP, OPP, CPP, Pet, Nylon, Paper, etc.)
Thus to give good barrier to moisture and gas. Seal two or three sides or T sealed.

Vacuum Packaging is the process of removing air around a food product and then sealing that product in an impermeable package. Allow saving in quantity buying, products may be bought in
bulk at a low price, Prepackage and sell later.Reduce product shrinkage,
no moisture loss or evaporation. Same weight you pack same weight you sell. Eliminate oxidation freezer burn. High tensile , impermeability to gas, oil resistance. Resistance to high and low temperature can be used for vacuum packing or for long-term preservation after undergoing high temperature sterilization.

Enhance product quality and allow longer shelf life 3-5 times depending on product. Food Grade.

Type of bags  :    Food, Pharmaceutical, Medical Chemical,
                          and Industrial packaging

Minimum Order : 2,000 pieces per size
Thickness       :   80 micron 

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